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Natural Geo Brass Decorative Accent Plate - MashaAllah Gold/Black

Natural Geo Brass Decorative Accent Plate - MashaAllah Gold/Black

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  • Stunning addition to any room in your home
  • Eye-catching designs displayed on shimmering brass
  • Can either be hung up on a wall or propped up using the stand
  • Add dimension and charm to your decor with the polished vintage brass plate
  • Product care is as simple as wiping off dust with a clean cloth

Add an eye-catching piece to brighten up your decor in any room. The decorative brass plate by Natural Geo will add a touch of elegance either by being hung up on the wall, or by propping up using the included minimalistic stand. The distinctness of the brass material allows it to be a luxurious accent piece which can be displayed on shelves, display cases, or any open space. Displaying it anywhere will add an amazing splash of shine and glow. As this product is partially handcrafted, rough surfaces and imperfections are normal, and add to the rustic style of your decorative brass plate.

Type: Plate
Collection: Brass Plate
Style: Modern
Construction: Hand Crafted
Material: Brass
Color: Gold/Black
Origin: Pakistan
Outdoor Safe: No
Assembly Required: No
Item Weight: 1 lb.
Overall Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.5 x 0.25"

Care Instructions: Regular care is essential to the longevity of your product. Dust regularly with a soft and dry cloth. Avoid the use of cleaning chemicals as it may damage the finish of the product. For spot cleaning, the use of a damp cloth is recommended, followed by wiping away the remaining moisture with a dry cloth. Suitable for indoor use only.

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