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Natural Geo Forged High Carbon Stainless Steel 12" Scissor

Natural Geo Forged High Carbon Stainless Steel 12" Scissor

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  • Professional multipurpose tailor scissors are ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • Forged steel construction offers a solid & heavy feel
  • High carbon stainless steel blades offer long-lasting sharpness
  • Rust resistant stainless steel for smooth cutting action
  • Uses include cutting fabric, craft projects, kitchen & office needs

These professional forged stainless steel scissors are ideal for heavy duty applications all around the home & industrial. Prime examples include cutting fabric & kitchen use. The high carbon steel blades offer sharp cutting performance and long lasting durability.

Type: Scissor
Collection: Office
Style: Professional
Construction: Forged
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Origin: Pakistan
Assembly Required: No
Item Weight: 1 lbs.
Overall Dimensions: 12 x 3.5 x 1 Inches (LDH)

Care Instructions: Product care is vital to the longevity of your scissors. Keep away from moisture and sharpen blades as required.

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